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Submitted by Tim Schwarz on Tue, 12/19/2017 - 12:00 PM

The steps of an IEP meeting can be very complicated and confusing. The school officials have a form that they are trying to complete and you may not know what things belong on what sections of the IEP form.

One thing school staff are required to ask about are concerns of the student's parents. These concerns can range from implementation of the IEP to communication between parents and school to goals or service levels or needs or basically anything. But just because you mention something does not mean the school district has agreed with you or agreed to implement your preferred solution.

When you mention an issue, your comments are likely to be included in the parent concerns section of the IEP document. But just because the problem or desired services are mentioned in the IEP document does not mean the school district has committed to address or implement anything. The general rule is that the school district is not committing to anything if it is not written in an IEP section like present levels, goals & objectives, student & teacher supports or services, or placement.

This problem is made worse if you are not given a copy of the IEP at the end of the meeting, because that makes it harder to check that the supports and services you want are included in the right section. It might not matter immediately, but if there is ever a dispute, the school district will implement what is in the written IEP unless you can convince them something different was decided at the meeting - in ordinary circumstances, that is difficult to prove.

As soon as you get a copy, you need to review it to make sure it says what the team decided at the meeting. If not, you need to stay on top of it until the school district agrees to amend the IEP with your consent or hold another IEP meeting to correct the mistakes.


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