Special Needs Education

I can represent you from the beginning of the IEP process or start whenever you need extra assistance.  Whether I review minutes of an IEP meeting to make suggestion for what should be included, attend an IEP meeting, file a due process challenge before a Georgia administrative law judge or anything in between, having a lawyer on your side shows the school district that you are serious about receiving the best possible IEP.

Specific tasks I can help with include:

  • requesting an evaluation or an IEP meeting
  • preparing for the IEP eligibility meeting
  • preparing for the IEP program meeting -- including drafting parts of the IEP and suggesting what material will be most effective
  • attending an IEP meeting
  • reviewing evaluations and IEP forms before you sign them
  • researching a specific legal issue that applies to your situation
  • helping you informally resolve a dispute with the school district
  • assessing the strength of your case, if you are considering filing a complaint
  • preparing for and attending hearings
  • writing post-hearing briefs
  • preparing a complaint for you to file with the appropriate educational agency
  • representing you in court.

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