Legal Resources

The following linked sites are not associated with the Law Office of Tim Schwarz.  Further, the Law Office of Tim Schwarz is not responsible for the content of these linked sites.

Wrightslaw, created by Pete and Pam Wright, contains legal discussion about just about every statute, regulation, and important judical decision related to education.  When a school district sends a letter of legalistic justifications for refusing services, Wrightslaw is the resource for figuring out what the district really means.

The SchoolKidsLawyer blog, created by Robert Thurston, includes discussion of legal and policy issues of disability education.

This resource, created by Jennifer Laviano, is filled with insight about the practical issues of IEP meetings, including success stories, possible interpersonal dynamics at the IEP meeting, and legal technicalities that might trip up parents. (possibily defunct, but the archives are well worth reviewing).